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Altered State Breathwork is a modern take on breathwork techniques that have been around for millennia.

In a facilitated space, the individual lies on their back and uses a blindfold to encourage them to turn inwards. Using a Conscious Connected breathing technique through the mouth and without pause either end of the breath. Through this type of breathing we are able to access our inner unconscious and bring it into our conscious awareness. The power of Altered States lies in their ability to give us the experience of what lies in our unconsciousness. These experiences can be an incredibly powerful way to shift our perspective and what we deem to be absolute "truth".

When we go through this process we are able to access the innate inner wisdom that lies in our bodies. When we suppress and repress emotion, it gets stored in our bodies and unprocessed can cause mental, physical and emotional problems for us. During this type of breathwork we are given the ability to release what's held in our bodies even without our knowing of what we're holding. 

Through breathwork we're given the ability to fully process what we haven't had the tools to previously process. We're given a safe space to explore what's lying beneath the surface of our conscious thinking minds and unveil what's holding us back.

Altered State Breathwork
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