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At Home


At home Breathwork is a 4 week online personal Breathwork journey 1:1 with me. This is for those who want to take a dive deep into self development through the powerful modality of Kundalini Breathwork and improve your mental and emotional wellbeing, gain a deeper understand of yourself and embody a more empowered version of yourself.

For enquiries email:

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This Program Includes:

~ Weekly hour long Breathwork sessions

~ Daily practices for in between our sessions

~ Mid week check in's from me for continued personal support.

~ Resources, reading material and other teachings that will support your journey.

What You Gain

Over this transformative period, I will personally guide you through your own individual journey of development and support you through this process. Each individuals journey is different and having someone to guide through can be hugely beneficial. Breathwork can allow you to uncover and release what you've been holding on to in your body and psyche. Emotions, stress and tension can be deeply seated so this "bottom up" approach to healing can allow your body to viscerally counteract what we have ended up with from trauma and painful events we have undergone throughout our lives.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your traits, tendencies and characteristics and you'll gain more control of reactions and responses. 

You'll move towards the integration of parts of yourself that have been shut down, repressed or shamed and embody self compassion and positive regard for yourself. This in turn does wonders for our relationships and how we interact with others.



£100 in total

(£25 per week)

For enquiries email:

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