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What Is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an umbrella term that refers to a variety of different breathing practices in order to influence our physiological state, our emotional state and our state of consciousness. The way we breathe changes the way we feel and directly impacts every system in our body as well as our emotional and psychological state. Different breathwork practices will help you attain different states and can involve controlling the speed, rhythm and depth of breath as well as using mouth and nasal breathing.

I use Altered State Breathwork practices in my sessions, breathwork is an incredibly potent and healing modality and it's an honor now to facilitate these powerful practices for others. 95% of who we are, how we act and what drives us is unconscious. Our unconscious holds all our belief systems, thought patterns, emotional triggers, how and why we make the decisions that we do. Our unconscious holds the foundation for everything that we do, act and believe. These create a cascade of either negative or positive outcomes. Through accessing our unconscious we get an increased understanding of ourselves and our lives, gaining new perspectives on personal issues, emotional patterns and behaviors.


This is a deeply transformative space that focuses on you, the individual. Together, we'll walk through the modalities and practices that lead towards true mental and emotional freedom, wherever you're at on your journey. Through these immersions you'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself, learn how to work through and let go of the tendencies, patterns and beliefs that are not serving you and step more fully into a consciously acquired expression of yourself.


Why Breathwork?

Breathwork opens the door to the unconscious domain where we can allow our unconscious and the energy that's stored there to surface. Here we can become fully aware of ourselves, fully feel and process the emotions that have been suppressed or left unresolved and subsequently, let them go. When we become able to let go of what we've been carrying unconsciously, we see the world through a clear lens. We feel lighter, we act lighter and we no longer carry the pain from our past. My breathwork space is a safe, confidential and deeply guided container to do this inner work where you'll be supported every step of the way.


As well as giving us a way to resolve inner conflict or let go of painful emotions, breathwork is an incredible tool we can use to explore and unlock innate inner power, wisdom and to realise our personal potential. We find out from an experiential understanding that there is more to this human experience than what we perceive from our five senses and states of consciousness that differ from our normal day to day state.

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