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About Me

Hi, my name is Naomi and I'm thrilled you're here. I get the privilege of being a breathwork practitioner, meditation teacher and lover of all things that enhance and expand the human experience. More than a title, the contemplative path of breathwork and meditation is a journey that I started on 8 years ago and has since become my life's passion. This path has taken me all over the world, learning from different cultures and traditions. It has led me to complete multiple Vipassana retreats, meditation teacher trainings, breathwork facilitator trainings and working with indigenous plant medicine. I am now training to become a CPCAB Counsellor to further my ability to connect and support others on this journey.

My relationship with breathwork and meditation was born out of necessity. Like many of us, I was trapped in repetitive negative cycles and suffered with severe anxiety. I had tried everything and I still felt broken, until amidst all the chaos, I found these modalities which have been truly transformational. 


I am now thrilled to be able to share what I have learned and grown from. I am a huge advocate for the tools and practices I now teach and have been able to cultivate my life in ways I never previously thought possible. This journey of inner work has outwardly enabled me to create a life that I love and break down personal limitations and unweave negative patterning. It has also enabled me to develop nurturing, loving and supportive relationships. I use the path of self-exploration and spiritual growth in service of my community and am so excited to share them with you personally.

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