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Supporting your journey to inner peace through

Breathwork & Meditation

At Home Breathwork

Online 1:1 Program


Group Breathwork


Group breathwork sessions are a powerful immersion, designed for those who want to practice with me regularly. They are held in person and are open to anyone, whether you have experience or no experience at all. You're also welcome to use these sessions as a taster or to see if you resonate with me and the space that I hold. 


Private 1:1 Breathwork Sessions

Online or in person, private 1:1 sessions are tailor-made to you as an individual. These sessions are designed around you specifically so we can drop deeper into your individual journey. They are for those who are seeking a personalised experience with me that allows us to address personal findings in a deeply held and supportive space.

Stress & Anxiety Reduction
Emotional Wellbeing
Self Awareness

Does This Sound Like You?

1. You're saturated with self development books, podcasts and concepts but still feel stuck or lacking progress within yourself. You might find yourself in the same patterns or behaviors.


2. You've been to talking based therapies or counselling but you know that there's more to work through.

3. You're ready for a big shift in your life and in yourself, you're looking for a deeper meaning and a deeper understanding of spirituality.

4. You're curious about the expansion of consciousness and want to explore the different states that we can tap into through breathwork.

5. You resonate with plant medicine or psychedelic's and want to explore these different realms of consciousness through a more easily accessible modality.

What my clients say

I had an amazing, mind blowing experience learning breathwork with Naomi, I would fully recommend. I'm blown away by the experience that I had.

I'm so grateful for last night's incredible breathwork session. It was my first time doing this style of breathwork for this length of time and it was truly transformative for my health and healing.

I felt a release of all the painful things I had been feeling and I fully connected to the positive energy that is inside me. It was an amazing experience with extreme feelings of  liberation. Thank you!

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