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What To Expect From Kundalini Breathwork

In my regular group breathwork sessions I offer a certain type of breathwork called Kundalini Breathwork.


Kundalini Breathwork is a powerful therapeutic breathwork practice from the Yogic tradition that involves seven rounds of accelerated nasal breathing, breathed to a specific timing and to evocative music. In a meditative posture, we use fast and rhythmic nasal breathing to enter into altered, non ordinary states of consciousness and rapidly build energy. This energy is then attentively focused into each of the seven main energy centers, known as Chakras in Sanskrit that are located up the spine. After the breathing you can then lie down and allow yourself to rest and integrate your experience.

Here's is what to expect:

1. Initial Discussion- You will have a place set out for you, a mat, a cushion and an eye covering. We will begin with a five minute meditation to fully land here and become present, letting go of our day so far. I will talk us through an introduction of the practice and talk about the benefits.

2. The Breathing Technique- We will discuss the breathing technique, what's involved in this specific practice and go through a practice breathe with everyone to make sure they know how to breathe in this way before the actual session and I invite you to ask any questions you might have. I guide you through the whole process.

3. The Practice Begins- I will then invite you to place the eye covering over your eyes to make sure you don't feel self conscious and find it easy to drop into your journey. I then play a recorded track of music and my voice cuing when to breathe and when to hold. The rhythm that we breathe to is a sacred and ancient timing. I guide you through the whole process and speak over the track cuing and supporting where needed. The length of the practice itself is 35 minutes.

4. Physical Sensations- As you continue to breathe in this way you might start to feel tingling sensations in your body, energy surges, changes in temperature and muscle spasms or cramping. This is all completely normal and part of the process.

5. Emotional Release- This style of breathwork can lead to emotional releases. You may experience a range of emotions, some might be surprising but all emotions and expressions are welcome and completely normal with this type of breathwork. It's all a healthy part of the process.


6. Guidance- I will be here to support you through every step of the way, guiding your breathing, helping you stay focused and providing emotional support as needed.

7. Relaxation & Integration- After the active part of the session we will rest in meditation either sat up right or lying down and I will come round and cover you with a blanket. Here is where you can rest and process your experience. I offer hands on Reiki, a Japanese healing art. Reiki literally translated is "universal energy" and is used to regain healing and wholeness. This is completely optional is not necessary for the breathwork.


8. Post Session- After the session I gently guide everyone out of their journey where you might feel a range of emotions from feeling energised and euphoric, calm and peaceful or feeling grateful. We book end the session with a brief optional share about our experience and hear about other peoples journey.

Everyone’s experience will be different, each time you do this practice will also be different. This is a progressive practice meaning that you'll find an expansion happen with a consistent practice.

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